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Jaidu Hez by Billamius Jaidu Hez :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Luntro by Billamius Luntro :iconbillamius:Billamius 1 0 Baucux by Billamius Baucux :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Sconfot (Normal Form) by Billamius Sconfot (Normal Form) :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Helida by Billamius Helida :iconbillamius:Billamius 2 4 Chukrast by Billamius Chukrast :iconbillamius:Billamius 3 6 Ponfitoru by Billamius Ponfitoru :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Senzurok by Billamius Senzurok :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 2
The Magic Diamond, The Empire Salvation
Ragdé started to have a very rare dream. She was opposite a black and sharp-pointed castle, everything disappeared and then it was in a calabozó, she reappeared in an enormous cell and then he listened to a voice:
- Ragdé? Are you?
- The one who is? - she asked to the man who was hidden in the shades.He gave a few steps towards Ragdé and on having gone out to the light she was surprised- Erick! - she jumped to him and embraced him, then she started crying.
- Why do you cry? - Erick asked to her removing her from himself softly.
- I was worried for you very much. - she answered him drying off her the tears - But where are you?
- I do not have many time. - Erick said to her, seizing her hands - A malignant force has me captive here, I don't know exactly where I am, alone I ask you not to come for me.
- Why do you ask me for it? - Ragdé asked to him.
- Because I don't want to damage you. - Erick said to her.
- You would never damage to me …
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Ciara, mas conocida como la Terrafina by Billamius Ciara, mas conocida como la Terrafina :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Tamara, mas conocida como Herbofina by Billamius Tamara, mas conocida como Herbofina :iconbillamius:Billamius 0 0 Saphira, mas conocida como la Hidrofina by Billamius Saphira, mas conocida como la Hidrofina :iconbillamius:Billamius 1 0
Meterithia Chapter 4
The Destruction
Six months later, one morning the queen was observing the people and all the warriors who will help her. Suddenly had an evil foreboding provoking that was feeling sick, Ada supported her and asked to her:
-Mom, ¿Are you Ok?
-It cannot be!-the queen said worried.
- What does happen?-the princess asked.
- It cannot be! It cannot be!-the queen said again- The book has been stolen!
-What book?-Ada asked.
- The book that contains the biggest secrets of the world, the book that Corletius wrote, the book that contains our secret ..., my daughter, our kingdom is in danger.-the queen said fearfully.
The queen ordered everybody that were preparing for the war that very prompt would come. Two days later, in the sunset they everybody were prepared for the war because the enemies were coming soon. The enemies stopped to approximately 500 meters of the entry of the kingdom. One Troll was in the front of everybody, with a multitude of Orcs behind him. The Troll said to the Orcs
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Meterithia Chapter 3
The queen asked for reinforcements to monsters and creatures of Tarkisha. One month letter miles went to the kingdom. One dozen of Fire Birds went to the queen and present them.
-Hi, my lady.-one Fire Bird said- We are the Fire Birds, we will help you.
-Welcome my friends, thank you for your reinforcements. -The queen said and the Fire Birds go out for her prescient.
The Fire Birds are a monster of fire, their bodies are a women form but in stet of legs, they have smoke that elevate there. They have tow flags of fire.
Later five Climáticas approached her and presented them:
-Nosotras somos las Climáticas, es un gusto poder ayudarla majestad.
-Gracias por su ayuda, mis amigas.-the queen said.
The Climáticas ones are air monsters, electricity and water.Their form are body of woman combined with body of bird, and practically they can control the climate.
Later two Kattissashas approached her and presented them:
-Hallo, Majestät. Wir sind der Kattissashas
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Oh. Amada mia.
¡Oh! Amada mía
como extraño tus besos,
¡Oh! Amada mía
besar tus labios yo quiero.
Quiero ver mi reflejo en tus ojos
pues sin tu amor me enfermo, me muero,
mi vida se convierte en despojos
pues en tus brazos llorar yo quiero.
¿Dónde estás? Amada mía
porque te busco y no te encuentro,
la soledad me mata de frío
me llena de angustia y me corta el aliento.
El calor de tus brazos quiero sentir
y el sonido de tu voz poder escuchar,
sin tu amor mi corazón deja de latir
porque triste y solo ya no tiene a quien amar.
¡Oh! Amada mía
me consume la melancolía,
te llamo de noche y te busco de día.
¿Dónde estás?
¡Oh! Amada mía.
:iconbillamius:Billamius 1 0
El Diamante Magico, la salvacion del imperio
Ragdé empezó a tener un sueño muy raro. Ella estaba enfrente de un castillo negro y puntiagudo, todo desapareció y luego estaba en un calabozó, reapareció en una enorme celda y luego escuchó una voz:
-¿Ragdé?, ¿Eres tú?
-¿Quién es?-le preguntó al hombre que estaba escondido en las sombras. Dio unos pasos hacia Ragdé y al salir a la luz ella se sorprendió- ¡Erick!-saltó hacia él y lo abrazo, luego empezó a llorar.
-¿Por qué lloras?-le preguntó Erick quitándosela de encima suavemente.
-Es que te extrañé tanto.-le contestó secandose las lagrimas- Pero ¿Dónde estás?
-No tengo mucho tiempo.-le dijo Erick agarrandole las manos- Una fuerza maligna me tiene cautivo aquí, no se exactamente donde estoy, solo te pido que no vengas por mi.
-¿Por qué me pides eso?-le preguntó Ragdé.
-Porque no quiero hacerte daño.-le dijo
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Corphy-spit by moni158 Corphy-spit :iconmoni158:moni158 1,796 114 The Architect by moni158 The Architect :iconmoni158:moni158 1,990 92 Dragon Summary 2011 by Dragolisco Dragon Summary 2011 :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 713 122 This land belongs to me by Dragolisco This land belongs to me :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 2,253 128 King Dragos of the Dust Lands by Dragolisco King Dragos of the Dust Lands :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 1,611 89 The Damned by Dragolisco The Damned :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 663 46 Grim Haunter by Dragolisco Grim Haunter :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 12,423 526 Mighty Charizard by Dragolisco Mighty Charizard :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 1,546 102 Creepy Gastly by Dragolisco Creepy Gastly :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 4,642 201 Mystic Mewtwo by Dragolisco Mystic Mewtwo :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 1,314 82 Angel of Demise by Dragolisco Angel of Demise :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 702 49 Rising in flames by Dragolisco Rising in flames :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 1,588 101 White Angel by sandara White Angel :iconsandara:sandara 10,810 355 Dragon Hunter by chrisnfy85 Dragon Hunter :iconchrisnfy85:chrisnfy85 1,206 44 The Parting of the Ways by alicexz The Parting of the Ways :iconalicexz:alicexz 17,074 539 DSR Jon Talbain by Artgerm DSR Jon Talbain :iconartgerm:Artgerm 3,545 109



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